Logic Basic is a free programming language to develop programs easily and quickly on Windows and Linux plataforms.

 Logic Basic News
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  •  Free source codes
    Horizontal Scroll
    Program that moves text horizontally within a rectangle.
    Missile Attack
    Game where the goal is to destroy a jet with a missile, the program is fully commented!
    Program that simulates infinite horizontal scroll of the background image.
    Calculator with basic operations and functions.
    Face Morphing
    Application to perform face morphing smoothly.
    Monitoring system
    Monitoring system that captures and saves images on the hard drive.

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     Articles of the Logic Basic
    How to install Logic Basic on Linux
    Article that explains how to install Logic Basic on PCs with Linux operating system, and configure the ODBC drivers to allow access to databases that use this feature.
     Latest program updates
    Last version: 1.0.45