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Game explanation
« on: May 05, 2018, 07:33:26 AM »
This is a two-dimensional platform game, inspired by old games like FlashBack, Another World, Prince of Persia, and so on; the frames of the protagonist's animated gifs will be obtained from the FlashBack game sprites, which can be downloaded at the link below, so far only the gifs to walk and turn the protagonist were created:

This image, as well as background images, animated gifs and game sounds,  have been collected on the internet and may contain copyright, although these items have undergone modifications to adapt to the game.

The animated gifs of the protagonist were created with the software "Jasc Animation Shop" that can be downloaded at the link below:

The animated gif of Jaguar was created based on the YouTube video that can be seen in the link below:

The video was downloaded on the site "SaveFromNet", then converted to animated gif on the site "Convertio", then link to those sites:

With the "Animation Shop" software I reduced the animated gif and set a transparent background for all frames.
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